Plan for life after school

We work with you and your family as you prepare to move on from school to adult life.

‘Transition is a very dark place to be in.  InterAct, The Big Plan, meet-ups, it turned on our lights – we can see where we’re going now.  We aren’t stuck.  His confidence has grown so much, I can see a huge change.  I think – he’s so much more confident now’

InterAct is a dynamic, creative and collaborative project, working alongside young people, their families, schools and communities, to take steps towards the future they want. 

We believe that planning for your future after school should be exciting, whatever support you need.  We use drama, group planning and peer meet-ups to help you discover your own way, and make the plans that make sense to you. 



InterAct starts in school, and uses drama sessions to help you explore your feelings about the future and think about choice, change and possibilities.  We’ll create an imaginary classmate or futuristic story together, and use this to explore your feelings, anxieties and hopes for the future.

Even though it was going through the character they’d created, the answers were THEIR  hopes and THEIR  fears and what they would be feeling at that time, which I think was amazing really…It helped them find a voice.’ Classroom teacher


Big Plan

We’ll then invite you, along with your family members, friends, and members of the community, to come together over a series of evening sessions to make plans together for a great life after school.  We work together to recognise your unique strengths, dreams and hopes for the future, and to create a plan to move you closer to the future you want. 

‘The Big Plan gave us a vehicle to talk about this big scary thing in small sizeable chunks.’  Parent

‘It’s given me an insight into what other people can do and confidence to show what I can do…to see how far I can go’ Young person


Peer meet-ups

Our peer meet-ups then help you keep connected to friends when you move on from school, and grow your confidence in trying new things and discovering new places together in your city.  We’ll work with you as you build your skills to get out and about, and find out what’s out there for you.

‘You’ve made our lives really different.  I’ve now made a load of new friends’. Young person

‘If he wants to go out, I don’t worry now, I think – I know you can do it’. Parent

We can carry on working with you in whatever way you need and will continue to support you as you take control of the direction of your life. 

To see what InterAct looks like, and hear from people who’ve taken part, check out our short film:

 Have a look through our image gallery here

Our national work

The InterAct Project has been funded through the Scottish Government’s Self Directed Support Innovation Fund to grow and deepen our local work in Edinburgh and Midlothian, and to build capacity with partners across Scotland.  Over the next two years we will be developing work in four new Geographical areas, working alongside statutory agencies and the third sector to develop the parts of the project that make most sense to them.  If you’re interested in finding out more, or in becoming a partner, please get in touch.



Get in touch


To find out more or to arrange a meeting please contact Catherine Dempsey on 0131 656 9921 or email 


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