Our work

Our work is broad and diverse, as are the people we support.

We support people living with disabilities or long term conditions to live good lives, whatever that means to them. 

We support people to take control of their life, focusing on the person, not their disability or health condition. We listen to what a person tells us they need and we tailor our support around that, working beside people until they are able to manage life without us.


Our support takes many different forms


 If you need support you can self refer 


Sharing our learning


We call our way of working 'person-centred' because it's the person, not their health condition or situation, that we focus on. 
We believe this 'person-centred' approach is one all health and social care practitioners should take. That's why we deliver person-centred training programmes across Scotland, pioneering the Thistle approach on a national scale.

You can find out more about these training programmes at the Thistle Learning pages.

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