Our Impact

Thistle is a catalyst for change. Our support changes lives.

Thistle transforms lives, one person at a time.

For 70 years we have worked in innovative ways to achieve real change. Set up by Sir Francis and Lady Tudsbery in the early 1940s, Thistle Foundation built the Thistle village – a pioneering venture that meant that disabled ex-servicemen could live at home with their families, amongst their friends, in a setting where they could access the skilled medical attention that was essential to their recovery and their wellbeing. This was a first.

Our beginnings have given us the courage to work in radical ways and to embrace change when it is needed. This takes both determination and spirit. In this, our conviction is strong and our commitment never wavers.

It’s a simple approach, and what changes lives forever. It’s what helps people move on. Flourish. Feel part of the community. Be truly included.

Our support changes families and communities. Long lasting change doesn’t just affect people as individuals. An improved sense of health and wellbeing has a huge, positive impact on our families and friends, our community, the health and social care systems that are built around us and society as a whole. When we feel more in control, we are more confident and outwardly focused. We are more able to contribute to the wellbeing of those around us and our community. It’s about much more than having the capacity to contribute. It’s about having the opportunity to do so, being encouraged, inspired and supported to do so. All it takes is the right kind of support.

Our support changes the world around us. Society benefits greatly when every person can contribute as an equal member. 

Our work makes economic sense. It helps reduce reliance on institutions like the health and social care systems, and dependence on alcohol or medication. By sharing our learning and our knowledge, gained through directly supporting people, we constantly challenge current ways of working to improve our practice and others. Practitioners we work with learn new ways of working that are more helpful and more effective ensuring the person they are supporting moves on more quickly with the rest of their life. This saves money on acute or primary care such as GP visits, hospital visits and costs on prescriptions, as well as contributing to the economy through increased capacity to contribute through being more active and engaging more. 

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