Our Approach

It's not just what we do. It's how we do it.

At Thistle, we work with the person, not the condition, tailoring our support to the needs of every person we work with.   

The way we support people to maintain and improve health and wellbeing takes different forms but is always underpinned by the same values and the same approach.

We put the person at the centre and choose to see people as resourceful, strong and capable of change.

This support – what we call the Thistle approach – encourages change for both individuals and communities and on a much larger scale, in our wider society.

Did you know?

Long-term conditions are health conditions that last a year or longer, impact on a person’s life, and may require ongoing care and support.

Around two million people – 40% of the Scottish population – have at least one long-term condition, and one in four adults over 16 report some form of long-term illness, health problem or disability.

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