Community Fundraising

Group activities put the ‘fun’ into fundraising!

Why not organise something with the people around you, such as a karaoke night or bake sale, or take on a team-building exercise like the Kiltwalk? There are lots of fun ways that you can go about making a vital difference to your community and supporting Thistle.

Talk to us if there is something you have always wanted to do and need some guidance; our friendly team would be delighted to help you.


“Entrepreneurs Challenge” If your group was given £50, what could you turn it into for Thistle? Great for competing groups too – with a prize for the winners!

Maybe you’re planning something already, like a dance, or a dress up/down day and are simply looking for a charity who would really appreciate your efforts – Thistle would!


There are lots of sports and hobbies which translate into great fundraising events. The key is what do you like doing and then how you raise money from it. A cookery day with demonstrations and the sale of recipes in return for donations. A golf day at your local club, or an evening with an expert talking about their specialist subject? If you’re part of a gym, why not cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats on your exercise bikes or row the Channel on your rowing machines?


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