Return to Face-to-Face Fundraising

In order to keep Thistle’s Health and Wellbeing support available across Scotland for anyone who needs it, we rely on the generosity of our supporters, donors and funders. Regular giving plays a critical part in ensuring our long-term ability to continue providing this support, and face-to-face fundraising is the most effective way to raise awareness of our work and acquire new regular donors to sustain it.

The pandemic put our face-to-face fundraising on hold, and after two years of being unable to fundraise in this way, we are delighted to be launching a new campaign of street fundraising across Scotland.

In May 2022 we launched a joint initiative with the charity Children 1st. Our in-house fundraisers will engage with members of the public, spreading awareness of the vital work that each charity does, and allowing people to support our work through signing up for Direct Debit donations.

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