Get Started with Great Graphics

Learn the skills of graphic recording

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Then Get Started with Great Graphics is the workshop for you!


In this highly experiential workshop Steve will show how anyone can create engaging graphics to enliven any meeting. From person centred planning to team meetings to development sessions – this approach can get the most out of any group gathering.

Create a live record as the meeting unfolds. By using colours, images and shapes stimulate creativity for participants and create an environment where creativity and thinking out of the box becomes second nature. Make critical meetings more democratic…and have fun!

Steve Coulson is one of Thistle’s Lead Training Consultants and first began using graphic recording as a facilitation tool in 1999. Today he practices this approach in person centred planning, training, team meetings and development sessions in his role at Thistle. He says: ‘I was rubbish at art at school. If I can do it – you certainly can’. 


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