Leading Others

Do you want to develop a coaching style of leadership? Would you like to grow an organisational culture in which self-management flourishes? Then Leading Others is the course you need.

Leading Others is in its 11th year - a ground-breaking training course available to managers, supervisors and other leaders across the public, private and third sectors. This is a rigorous and in-depth period of learning and development from which you will emerge a more confident and effective leader able to engage and empower those around you.

This innovative Thistle Foundation course is accredited by Queen Margaret University and successful completion is awards 15 credits at SCQF Level 7 which can support SSSC registration for supervisors in Health and Social Care sectors.

The course combines 5 days of intensive teaching alongside independent study and practice, supported by a sponsor from your organisation and distance coaching from course facilitators. The facilitation team includes Steve Coulson, Lead Training Consultant and Stephen Finlayson, Head of Health & Wellbeing at Thistle Foundation as well as Phil Roycroft from Terra Nova.

The course price is £525

This includes teaching time, lunch and long distance learning through 1:1 telephone calls.

The next Leading Others course is currently waiting to be arranged.

Please email Jean Muir at jean.muir@thistle.org.uk for further info. 

Find out more

To find out more, please contact Steve Coulson on 0131 661 3366 or at steve.coulson@thistle.org.uk. 

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