Good Conversations

2 Day Practice Development Sessions: Conversations that focus on what matters to People

Thistle Foundation is facilitating these 2 day practice development sessions to health and social care workers who are hoping to further embed a personal outcomes approach into their practice.

The aim is to build confidence in holding outcomes focused conversations – ‘good conversations’ – in a variety of common and difficult situations.

Over the two days the following modules will be covered:

In these highly participatory sessions the facilitators will encourage participants to bring and use their existing knowledge and experience to contribute to the learning experience. A variety of learning methods will be used, ranging from demonstration, video, group exercises, practice exercises and discussion.

About Good Conversations

This course holds that irrespective of professional discipline, there exists a common value base and set of skills which enables workers to orientate towards what matters most to people and what they want to achieve.

The course also explores how to harness the role of the person, their strengths, social networks and community supports, with a particular focus on supporting people who are dealing with difficult situations or living complex and challenged lives.

These skills enhance workers’ abilities in assessment and planning of care support and rehabilitation as well as supporting an orientation towards wellbeing, prevention, anticipatory care and support for self-management.

Time will also be spent looking at how the value base and skills can support Good Conversations between colleagues and at home.

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