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We can tailor our training to create bespoke, impactful programmes that meet the learning needs of your team/service.

Please contact us to have a chat about your team or service’s learning outcomes and together we can design appropriate training. 

Please contact Jean Muir (jean.muir@thistle.org.uk) to discuss.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I postpone my application until a later date?

    We will try to accommodate any request to postpone an application however that will depend on places still being available. Jean Muir our administrator would advise as to whether that was possible. Jean can be contacted at Jean.Muir@thistle.org.uk

  • Should I attend the sessions with my team or is it better to come alone and feedback to my colleagues?

    Some people attend as a team and others individually. Practitioners often tell us that having someone else in the team to bounce ideas off and to assist in reflection is helpful for embedding the approach into their specific setting. Some teams have chosen to send individuals to different geographical venues to experience the workshops or to have one person attend each quarterly cohort.Others have specifically asked individual practitioners to feedback to their team and we can provide PowerPoint slides to support the sharing of information – so it’s up to you.

  • How will I know the training has been successful?

    The application process is designed to help practitioners identify for themselves how they will know the training has been successful. The application form and the pre-course conversation supports this process by helping people think about their personal and team outcomes from participating. To get the most from attending it is essential that participants have given this thought and can identify what success looks like to them and their team and the people they support or work with. Knowing where you want to get to in advance usually makes the journey easier and often shorter!

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