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Callum's Story

The ISF allowed Callum and his team to think more creatively. The first step was spending a night alone in his house – and he loved it. Callum continued to reduce his support, until eventually he settled at 27 hours a week. By lowering his support hours so dramatically, Callum had more choices about how to make the most of the support available to him.



He started by getting in shape. A combination of jogging and weightlifting in Thistle’s gym has seen Callum lose 3 stone already. Not only has going to the gym helped Callum physically, it has also boosted his self esteem. Callum also got support to start up his own car valeting service, edging towards his dream to become a mechanic. ‘We never knew he had these ambitions,’ explains his mother Moira. ‘We’re so proud of him.’

On Callum’s bedroom wall there is a huge poster of New York. That is the next plan: to save up, get a passport and explore the world. Callum explains: ‘It’s like my mum says, “Never say never!” There are always hopes and dreams.’

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