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Body Scan

A relaxation technique

Another very powerful technique is known as Body Scanning. It involves lying on your back and moving your mind through the different regions of your body. The idea in scanning your body is to actually feel each region you focus on and linger there with your mind right on it or in it.

You breathe into and out from each region a few times and then let go of it in your mind's eye as your attention moves on to the next region.

Body Scanning is especially good for where there is a particular region of the body that is problematic or painful.

Script for Formal Relaxation Technique 2. 

Begin this exercise by lying on your back in a comfortable place, making sure your spine and neck feel long. Use pillows behind your knees or head if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Close your eyes

Notice the gentle rise and fall of your belly with each in-breath and out-breath.

Take a few moments to feel your body as a 'whole', from your head down to your toes. Notice the weight of your body where it is in contact with the floor.

Bring your attention to the toes of your left foot and direct or 'channel' your breath into them, taking your breath all the way down into your toes, and all the way out again through your nose.

Notice any sensations you may feel in your toes. If you don't feel anything, that's OK. Just notice that fact in a non-judgmental way.

When you are ready to move on, take a deeper breath all the way into your toes, feeling any tension there leaving on your outward breath.

Move your attention next to the sole of your foot and direct or 'channel' your breath into that area as you did with the toes.

Continue in this way, moving your attention to the heel, top of the foot and then the ankle, breathing into each area in turn and noticing any sensations you may be feeling in that area, letting go, and moving on.

If you find that your attention has wandered off at any point, just gently bring your thoughts back to the breathing and the area you are focusing on.

In this way, gradually work your way round the body, working slowly up the left leg and repeating the process for the right leg, starting again at the toes.

Continue your meditation by working your way systematically round the body. 

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