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Get specialised support for veterans

For some veterans, adjusting to civilian life can be hard. At Thistle, we provide a safe space for veterans to share experiences and support one another.

What makes Thistle different

Thistle was established to support veterans returning from the Second World War and we are proud to still be supporting veterans today.

We work with veterans at all stages of life after service - and our support is shaped and delivered by veterans who have been through the course themselves and continue to support the work through volunteering. 


Veterans’ Courses

Our Veterans’ lifestyle management courses are led by experienced practitioners and trained volunteers. It’s a specially structured course designed to support veterans and their friends and family.

We also run shorter courses and workshops on specific topics throughout the year. 


'I can now identify triggers and by noticing how I am, I can calm myself down and nip it in the bud before the panic escalates.'


Thistle's Shed

The Thistle Shed is a safe and relaxed place for veterans to spend their time. We've got a range of tools and materials suited for a variety of activities. You decide what to do and have a say in how The Shed runs.

Mondays and Wednesdays 1 - 4pm at the Centre of Wellbeing


What’s next?

You can come in for an informal chat or we can meet you somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. If you prefer, you can give us a call. You don’t need a referral to get in touch, but you’re welcome to have someone contact us on your behalf. You’re in control.


"After the course I was off and running. There was no stopping me after that." Keith

Get in touch

To find out more or to arrange a meeting please contact Claire Cumming on 07471030957 or at claire.cumming@thistle.org.uk, or Scott Duncan on 07876 035663 or at scott.duncan@thistle.org.uk.

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