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Children's Wellbeing

We work in partnership with schools supporting children's wellbeing.

Wee Thistles is an evidence-based wellbeing project supporting primary school children with their social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. 








Delivered by Thistle practitioners within schools and taking key concepts from Thistle’s established adults and young people’s programmes, Wee Thistles takes a solution-focussed approach to supporting wellbeing, embedding strategies and coping skills in children at a young age. 



Wee Thistles works to challenge health inequalities and build resilience in children using Thistle’s person-centred, solution-focussed approach to support children’s wellbeing and help schools address the Scottish Attainment Challenge.



We believe that when children are introduced to ideas, skills and strategies to begin managing their own wellbeing, and are supported to participate in decisions affecting their wellbeing, their resilience and ability to cope with future challenge is increased.


We tailor the Wee Thistles programme to each individual school, taking the outline programme as a starting point and creating a bespoke programme to meet the needs of the children taking part.

If you would like to find out more about Thistle's Children's Wellbeing work, or discuss bringing the programme to your school, please contact Clare Stephen on 0131 656 9930 or email clare.stephen@thistle.org.uk 

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