The Gift

This week, Steve shares a story from the Big Plan.

Cheuk Ho’s mother had been very worried about him coming to the Big Plan.

Mei Ho was concerned that he would not sit still and do all the exercises. She was anxious about him pacing around the room and disturbing other members of the group. Mei Ho hoped that he would not make a lot of noise when other folk were speaking and try to play music at the wrong time. As one of the people leading the Big Plan I tried my best to reassure her that it was different. It would not be like school where he had to sit still for some lessons and be quiet for long periods. I stressed that we had loads of room which Cheuk Ho was welcome to use and that we did not mind if he had a break form time to time – or even if he listened to music (quite quietly) while others were working.

In the event Cheuk Ho became a welcome and valued member of our group. His infectious smile lit up the room. He occasionally would go over to the CD and have a bit of a dance. We were never entirely sure how much he understood of the different ideas we talked about but he would participate especially when the activity meant that he could draw pictures and images. Cheuk Ho moved around a lot - but we always felt he was listening and was part of the Big Plan. Often he would seem to do this best as he looked out of the window towards the Firth of Forth and Fife.

When it came to the last session of the Big Plan the other person leading the group Heather and I were chatting about what we planned to do when Cheuk Ho came into the room his usual cheerful bundle of energy, smiling broadly. To our surprise he made a beeline for us both at the front of the room with Mei Ho following in his wake. Cheuk Ho came right up to me and handed me what was clearly a gift. It took me a moment to realise exactly what it was – a cracker made form clear cellophane paper which was absolutely full of beautifully and intricately folded paper origami stars – blues, pinks, greens and yellows. It was amazing and I was for once - speechless as I showed it to Heather. Having delivered his gift Cheuk Ho strode over to the food table and his mother came over to us and said “I wondered who he was making that for – he has been working on it for hours!”

I turned to Heather, smiled and said “Well he’s got the bit about Gifts then?!”

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