Thank you to the Fire Walkers

The amazing fire-walkers have so far raised over £2,500 for Thistle


On Sunday 3rd April, 21 brave people bared their feet and walked across burning embers to raise funds for Thistle.  Watched by around 100 spectators the event took place in front of our brand new, soon to be opened, Centre of Wellbeing in Craigmillar.

Before starting their motivational training with Karen from Blaze, the organiser of the event, there were some very nervous  faces. We could hear occasional cheers, clapping and shouting from the training room but as it’s all kept private, we didn’t know what to expect until the participants emerged happy and raring to go.

Stripping off their cosy socks and boots to stand on the cold concrete of an April night in Edinburgh would have tested most people even without the challenge ahead, but no-one seemed to feel the cold and all waited in anticipation for their turn to walk across the coals.

One by one they took deep breaths and walked briskly across the fire, (some more briskly than others!), cheered on and clapped by everyone. There were delighted smiles, jumps for joy and some skipping with hands in the air!

So far over £2500 has been raised from generous sponsorship. A massive thank you to everyone that got involved as well as the amazing, inspirational Karen and her fantastic team from Blaze!

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