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Hi all, Malcolm here! I thought I’d share with you what I was up to a few months ago, in June. After 15 months of working from my desk at home I was able to meet people in person, supporting a course called Scope Photography.

Scope Photography is a course for people living with long term ealth condititions whitch focuses on the power of different people's perspectives.

Thistle has hosted Scope in the past but, due to the pandemic, wasn't able to this year. However the project found a venue at Craigmillar Now and I was able to go along to support the group.

It was great to get out and be part of the course, but it was also a bit of a shock to my sysstem. Last year I found that working from home resulted in me being more affected by my chronic fatigue than I had been while in the office. I'd finnish my work and go straight to bed. Being less active and staying home had made me have less energy that usual. The fatigue reminded me of how I felt a few years ago when I moved from volunteering once a week at Thistle to working here three times a week. It takes my body time to adjust to new routines.

Having eventually adjusted to the home-working routine and with this experience still fresh in my mind, you can imagine that I was a bit nervous about the idea of going out and about and supporting the photography course in-person. However, the nerves didn’t last and after the first couple of sessions it felt normal. Yes, I was usually exhausted afterwards but it felt great to be doing work away from my desk at home again!


As well as supporting the course, I was also there to film it. It was also the first time in a while that I'd been able to make a video out of footage that I'd captured myself so that felt amazing too.


Thanks as well to Stills and Connecting Craigmillar for making this course possible.

Go to - - to find out more about Scope Photography.

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