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Define yourself!

A couple of years ago I was lost.  My mum wasn’t sure what would happen to me in the world, she was scared people would take advantage of me because I am autistic.

I think I was a bit depressed that I couldn’t go to the shops by myself.  I felt like a prisoner in my own house.

I got involved with Thistle through school.  We did drama and acted moments we would face when we left school. Then we did Big Plan with our families. At Big Plan I said that I wanted to learn to travel.  I wanted to be independent and to go places by myself, show I was capable.  I didn’t want my mum running after me.

I was inspired by Alexander who had done the Big Plan before. He told us how he had cancelled his taxi and got a bus, I felt I could relate to that.

Coleman from Thistle helped me get the bus and gave me advice and my mum stopped worrying because I proved I was capable.

I went to meet-ups with other people I’d met, and then helped to arrange them.  I became more involved and I did a traineeship with Thistle at a print studio and café at Out of the Blue drill hall.  It made me confident.  Doing the print studio got me interested in art.  Art is where I put my passions.

Now I’m helping present Big Plan. I took the opportunity because I wanted to help young people and see their potential. In Big Plan, thoughts and ideas come out a reality. It helps make hopes come true.  It doesn’t go on about your disability and labels.

Now I’m feeling excited about leaving school – I’m on top of the world. I’ll be free, not isolated from the world. Now I think my autism doesn’t define me – you define yourself!

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