What conditions do we need for health and wellbeing?

The Big Conversation continues

The area we have focused on most so far in the Big Conversation is the term Health and Wellbeing and what this means.  By sharing our own stories of health and wellbeing we were able to identify a common set of conditions that we believe are needed to support health and wellbeing for everyone:

We have also spent time think about what it would be like to be part of Thistle in the future if all of these conditions were there for everyone all of the time.  We developed our dream for the future of Thistle, our dream included a number of design features:


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Big Conversation Lead
Portrait of Kirsty Dewar

in October 2015 a group of 30 people with various different connections to Thistle came together for the first time to form the Big Conversation group, focusing on the question "how can we work together in a creative and flexible way to support health and wellbeing by focussing on what matters to people and communities?"

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