Ask the scientists - Covid vaccines Q&A

In March 2021, we invited you to submit your questions about coronavirus and the Covid-19 vaccine to local scientists from the Edinburgh Bioquarter.

We shared your questions with Dr Thomas Christie Williams, Paediatrician and Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and Dr Samantha Griffiths, Senior Research Fellow, Infection Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

This page shares answers to the questions you submitted on the Covid-19 vaccines. We'll be sharing the answers to your wider questions on the coronavirus very soon.

You can also read the questions and answers from the Ask the Scientists event, and find links to further information, in this document.

Do those who respond more strongly to the COVID-19 vaccine have better functioning immune systems?


Why do some people react more or have more unpleasant side effects to COVID-19 vaccine?


If you react to the first COVID-19 vaccine dose are you less likely to react to the second dose?


If you have an allergy, should you be worried about taking the COVID-19 vaccination?


If you’ve had COVID and still have loss of smell and taste, will taking the vaccine effect this?


Some countries stopped using the Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine due to reports of blood clots, why?


Is the vaccine still as effective if doses are more spaced out than was advised by manufacturers?

Do you react more strongly to the COVID vaccine if your immune system is stronger?

How are you monitored for an allergic reaction after getting the COVID 19 vaccine?

Could the Covid19 vaccine affect your allergies or put you at risk of getting new allergy?

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