Big Plan goes virtual!

Getting creative is something the Thistle YP team love to do and thankfully we also love a good challenge so we were delighted to be able to finish the most recent Big Plan via zoom!!!

Having to cancel session 6 of the Big Plan in March had been a really hard thing to do especially as we were aware there were so many sudden endings and change happening for the young people involved because of the Covid-19 situation. Along with the facilitators Steve, Clare and Kieran, we knew that we had to at least try to have that sixth final session and thanks to all these new technologies this was made possible. And so, on Thursday 30th April, we had the first ever Big plan Zoom session!

Did it go perfectly? No (technology likes to keep us on our toes!)

Did we learn a lot? Yes!

Did we all have a great time? Definitely!!!


Being able to talk with the young people and their families about things they want to pursue and the sharing of the young people’s gifts has always been a highlight of the Big Plan and so it was wonderful to still be able to do this. We were also able to give the young people some quotes and they’ll receive graduation certificates to acknowledge all the effort that goes into taking part in the big plan sessions.

It’s no small thing taking part in a Big Plan. Asking young people to explore their gifts, talents, skills, resources and dreams - a lot of adults couldn’t readily tell you those!  The Big Plan group has said goodbye for now but not for long as the YP team are continuing in supporting young people online.

We have our social zoom group every Tuesday 3-4pm and we’re having a lot of interaction on our closed Facebook group. We’re also looking at having events in partnership with Young Scot and Edinburgh Arts Festival so there’s lots in the pipeline.

We are just at the end of the phone if a young person or family member wants to chat about any concerns or challenges their facing around planning for their future. The Big Plan will hopefully go back to being at Thistle in the Autumn but at least for now we know whatever happens we can still continue the Big Plan and the project remotely which is great news for everyone!

Marie, Andrea and Sophia - The Thistle YP team

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