Ask the scientists - Covid Q&A

In March 2021, we invited you to submit your questions about Covid-19 to local scientists from the Edinburgh Bioquarter.

We shared your questions with Dr Thomas Christie Williams, Paediatrician and Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and Dr Samantha Griffiths, Senior Research Fellow, Infection Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

This page shares answers to a range of questions you submitted about Covid. If you'd like to see the answers to questions specifcally about the vaccine, please pop over to this webpage

You can also read the questions and answers from the Ask the Scientists event, and find links to further information in this document.


What is long COVID, what are the symptoms and why do some people get it?

How long do the symptoms of long COVID last?

What does immunity mean?

What does herd immunity mean? 

How long does it take to get herd immunity?

Will we ever achieve herd immunity if the virus mutates?

There are plans to have a local festival in August 2021, is this likely to be allowed?

Are we expecting to live with coronavirus or indeed any other pandemic disease going forward?

If we continue living with coronavirus what changes to our culture & infrastructure are needed?

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