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Starting conversations that matter.

Midlothian Wellbeing Service - a practitioner's view

Midlothian Wellbeing Practitioner Aileen Knox shares her experience of working in the Midlothian Wellbeing Service.

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  1. Celebrating 5 Years of Midlothian Wellbeing

  2. The Worst of Times, the Best of Times – part 1

  3. Lee-ann's story

  4. Update on the Centre of Wellbeing

  5. The Gift

  6. Aye, right.

  7. Framework to support wellbeing

  8. Alex's story

  9. Take part in the virtual Kiltwalk for Thistle!

  10. Weans and Wolfensberger

  11. Fancy a spot of Chi?

  12. Everyone is 'in'.

  13. From Baking to Bermalobs

  14. Kirsty's Story

  15. Lenses

  16. Thistle offers support for people struggling after COVID-19 illness

  17. Nicola’s Lockdown Empathy Walk

  18. Stories from strange places

  19. Steve Coulson Sees Life Differently

  20. We're looking for a Volunteer Social Media Officer!

  21. Are you a young person living with a long term health condition?

  22. Big Plan goes virtual!

  23. 2.6 Challenge

  24. Connecting Lifestyle and Immunity

  25. Coronavirus Update

  26. My Life, My Choice - What a Night!

  27. My Life, My Choice Panellists

  28. Response to the Home Secretary's New Immigration Policy

  29. Dawn's Channel Swim

  30. What matters to you?

  31. Thistle's 75th!

  32. Thistle awarded £4,000 to train and support wellbeing volunteers

  33. Thistle hosts launch of Scottish Government's Keys to Life strategy

  34. Thistle's Big Conversation - February 2019

  35. Thistle's Big Conversation - January 2019

  36. Thistle's Big Conversation - October vlog

  37. Thistle's Big Conversation - vlog 3!

  38. Activate Course

  39. Summer Shindig

  40. Big Conversation vlog2

  41. Kieran's Big Plan

  42. Big Conversation vlog!

  43. Stop the Wait

  44. National Involvement Network

  45. Lloyds Volunteers give Thistle a refresh!

  46. Chi in the Park launch!

  47. It came without ribbons...

  48. No great mind has ever existed...

  49. The flower that blooms in adversity

  50. We are all different

  51. Gratitude

  52. Every day may not be good

  53. If we all do one random act of kindness daily

  54. Do not judge by appearances

  55. Not all of us can do great things

  56. It always seems impossible...

  57. It's easy to make a quick buck

  58. You're bonkers mad?

  59. Do you wish to move mountains?

  60. Thought for today

  61. Good thoughts

  62. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

  63. Words from Jo Cox

  64. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...

  65. A Monday morning reminder

  66. Be the reason someone smiles today

  67. A thought for the day, from Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

  68. A thought for the day, from Morrie Schwartz

  69. A thought for the day, from Mary Angelou

  70. Another triumph for Dawn as she's shortlisted for an award at the Alliance's Self Management Awards

  71. Douglas gets on the treadmill...and takes a huge step forward

  72. " I used to think I was fat and useless, with nothing to do..."

  73. Call me Dangerous Dave

  74. Are Citizens Risk Assessed?

  75. Full marks from the Care Inspectorate

  76. Happy Birthday to Changing Places

  77. What conditions do we need for health and wellbeing?

  78. "We need more leadership and less management" argues Phil Roycroft from our Leading Others course

  79. Maureen Child raises over £2,000 for Thistle

  80. The First Minister opens our new Centre of Wellbeing

  81. The Big Conversation - starting a conversation that matters

  82. Dawn thought her life was over. Turns out a new, exciting chapter was only just beginning

  83. We're moving!

  84. Thank you to the Fire Walkers

  85. 6 Things about InterAct that you might not know...

  86. "I've got MS, but it'll never have me"

  87. Ross' review of the Big Plan

  88. Meet our InterActive team...

  89. Why words matter

  90. "I would never have believed..."

  91. Is a butterfly a transformation or a better caterpillar?

  92. Changing the conversation

  93. Stop worrying about risk

  94. Midlothian Wellbeing Service - a practitioner's view

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